Diamonds From The Rough Book Launch

“Sunshyne, Sunshyne! Can we get a picture together? You look Gorgeous, Congratulations Hun.” There were endless shoutouts from attendees at the Diamonds From The Rough Official Book Launch this past week. Everyone wanted to get the attention from the lady of the evening, Tricia Pollard aka Sunshyne! Women were dressed to the nines and men looked dapper in their suits and ties. The bass from the speakers boomed with old school hits and the lights from the chandelier shined just right, accenting jewelry pieces worn by many who stepped out in their best to enjoy an evening at Empire Supper Club. Tonight was going to be a night to remember.

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Let’s give a round of applause to Tricia Pollard on the launch of her book,  Diamonds From The Rough, an anthology of women sharing their stories about reclaiming their lives. If you have never went through a hard time or unsure if you have, then Arischa Conner Frierson was their to ignitie some emotion from you when she delieverd her powerful monologue. Upon my arrival I spotted an empty seat by the bar next to a very familiar face. Although she had a hat and shades to mask her appearance along with layers of clothing, I knew who she was. When I approached and greeted her she said “O you knew it was me huh, I’m in character for my monologue.” In character she was, delievering a powerful monolgue about her struggles in life and how she reclaimed it. By the end of her performance, the layers of clothing were shed allowing you to see that she was free to be herself and no longer needed to hide!

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Meanwhile, host Tony Clyburn welcomed Tricia’s guest and made sure her admirers got a chance to talk with her, take pictures and of course sign a copy of their purchased book. Although attendees were there to celebrate her book many anticipated her performance as an artist in which we all came to know and love her for… that Sultry voice! She also wears many HATS and is the President and Founder of Distinguished Diamonds. Distinguished Diamonds is a non profit organization dedicated to providing direction, assistance and networking opportunities to women, young adults, teens, preteens, and children who have experienced tragic life-changing events. To help achieve this mission, proceeds from the event and sales of the book will go towards the non profit organization.

Flashes from cameras were continuous as people took selfies, group shots and one on one shots with Sunshyne. Attendees shopped vendors upstairs and swarmed the bar to try the many tapas menu items and drinks. Everyone mingled and rocked to the vibes from the entertaiment team and Live performers. The Night was epic and no one was concerned about rushing to get home to prepare for work the next morning! As far as they were concerned their weekend had already begun!

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In a nutshell, the event was a HIT! I truly enjoyed myself and Tricia’s team along with coordinator Tina Torres of SHE DID THAT, did an amazing job with the Book Launch. To learn more about Tricia Pollard and to purchase a copy of her book click the links below.

Until the next Xperience…

Meet Sunshyne Pollard

Meet Artist Sunshyne P

Non Profit Distinguished Diamonds

Purchase Diamonds From The Rough



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