Woman to Woman Brunch

When a group of women get together, who possess Passion and Determined to prosper in their God given talents, AMAZING things happen in a BIG way! This AMAZING thing I’m referring to is the Woman to Woman Entrepreneurs Association Brunch that took place this past Saturday at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. Where do I begin? Lets start with the woman behind Woman To Woman Entrepreneurs Association, Ms. Tamara Canzater. Ms. Canzater is the founder of Woman To Woman Entrepreneurs Association(WTWA), a non-profit association of women in business working  to enhance women and their businesses. Ms. Canzater established WTWA to be used as a forum and place where female entrepreneurs and business owners can come and be inspired, encouraged, supported and empowered. Her vision was exucuted well with a sold out brunch filled with like minded women who were in attendance to be Inspired, Encouraged, Supported & Empowered!

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The brunch kicked off with a host of female entrepreneurs showcasing their talents as vendors to promote their business and offer their services to women. Among the vendors were Author Lakeyshuh Carolina, Chantrese Goodwine of Tuck-N-Go, Regina Shell of Sewing Is An Art and myself with Faces By Etosh. We later transitioned into the dining area of Ruth Chris which was elegantly prepared with place settings for the attendees. The ladies were able to choose from the menu with food options ranging from salads to burgers. Women chatted among each other, shared their stories, exchanged information and even shared an opportunity to finally connect with women who they were Facebook friends with, but never formally met in person. Talk about Networking with a PURPOSE! Speaking of PURPOSE, let me tell you about the POWERFUL speaker who delivered an awesome message of encouragement during brunch.

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Deanna Bookert of The Bookert Agency graced us with her presence and shared her story filled with both good and bad times that have become life lessons and the building blocks of her success, not only as of today but overtime in the future. A woman of many HATS, Deanna expressed her role as a “Midwife” to many women. Like a midwife, a person trained to assist women in childbirth, Deanna has helped women and men to birth their visions and business aspirations through the use of her consulting and business services like The Board Room. Despite some of  her past and recent struggles she expressed how important it is for her to rely on her faith in God and listen to what he has led her to do. Her faith, is what confirms that She Has The Power! That Power was the ability to Believe, Empower, Overcome, Inspire and Purposefully Transcend any obstacles that come her way. Somebody say “I GOT THE POWER”!


Overall the brunch was Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! There was an array of Who’s Who In Columbia in attendance such as Michelle D. Johnson GarrettSherika V. WashingtonTina TorresDenise BradleyKiwan FitchOtiti Uwagbai-WrightSerwah Armah-KorantengLeslie Rhodes ,Samica Snipes and many more. If you weren’t in attendance you missed out, but you’re in luck beacuse you can check out the next brunch. Follow WTWA to stay updated with events. 

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Alright ladies, I’m headed to wear another one of my many HATS. Until the next Xperience…



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