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Class is back in Session! Join me at the upcoming #BeautytoYourOwnBeat Learning Lab Sunday, July 31st from 2-5pm. This Learning Lab will include detailed Skin Care, Product Selection and Detailed Eye Shadow application, including brows and lashes. I’m SUPER excited and can’t wait to see you in the Lab. Join me on FB Live today at 12noon on my Faces By Etosh FB Page. For more details and ticket info, please visit Facesbyetosh.com

The heat is KICKIN and Summer Eye Popping Beauty Looks are in! As the seasons change so does your skin and the products you use. Are you using the appropriate skin care products based on your skin care needs? Put down the cocoa butter and pick up a great cleanser and moisturizer. Let’s not forget to use some form of sunscreen weather it is in a tinted moisturizer, foundation or a stand alone sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s rays.Once you have a set skin care regimen then it’s on to the fun, GLAMOUR!13612271_10104162830830567_5181952453131831408_nDid You Know? Faces By Etosh is currently enrolled in the Esthetics Program at Kenneth Shuler and will  be a future Licensed Esthetician. Reserve an appointment to receive spa services such as facials, microdermabrasions, back facials and body wraps. Appointments.


What’s New? Check out your beauty throughout the day with the new “Eye Popping Beauty” Compact Mirrors. Mirrors can be customized and are great as gifts to family and friends as well as bridal parties. Check out the lastest designs and inquire at facesbyetosh@gmail.com to place an order. https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Ffacesbyetoshmua%2Fvideos%2F595959303892327%2F&show_text=0&width=400” target=”_blank”>Mirror Designs https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Ffacesbyetoshmua%2Fvideos%2F588977804590477%2F&show_text=0&width=400” target=”_blank”>More Designs

Teach Me How! Are you still struggling with finding the correct foundation shade or just simply need to be Glammed up for a special occasion or just because? Book a “Teach Me How” Session and learn how to create your own “Eye Popping Beauty” or book an appointment to be Glammed up by Faces By Etosh. Styleseat


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Family Vist to #BrookCity

This past Sunday my family and I visited the most talked about church, The Brook Columbia, aka #BrookCity at their new campus  located at 8328 Parklane Road. I had heard so many wonderful things about The Brook from family, friends and classmates and was very interested in attending to take in the church experience first hand. Well, let me tell ya, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Furthermore, my mother and grandmother enjoyed it. Attending The Brook Columbia,  took me back to a time when my family and I were members at our home church in New Jersey many years ago. For the past 10 years I had worked as a Nursery Teacher in a local church and missed out on being IN church service. Just recently I resigned allowing me the opportunity to visit churches and  get back in touch with attending church in the non-working way.

All dressed and ready to head out the door, after a quick selfie and social media post, my family and I arrived at The Brook Columbia, and was greeted warmly by the Parking Lot Attendants who showed us to the “1st time visitors” parking. Upon arrival into the church we were greeted with big smiles, loving embraces, great hospitality and the most AMAZING red velvet cupcake set aside for first time visitors. OMG the cupcake never made it home, lol.


Seats filled quickly, bass booming through my body, lights shining bright, voices lifted high, praise dancers praising, worship team worshipping, hands steadily clapping, and church just a Rocking! Yes, it was a FULL house and ushers moved swiftly to find you open seating and there was no saving seats for your cousin, sister, girlfriend or whomever was not there at that moment. It was time for CHURCH, and it was going to start and continue with or without you. Amen!

Pastor Simeon and First Lady Nikki Moultrie are great leaders of their church and are loved and love their congregation immensely! Their church continues to grow by leaps and bounds, so much that their new campus is already too small for their growing audience. Currently offering two services, one at 8:45 and 11 am, First Lady Nikki mentioned that Pastor Simeon may not be able to keep his promise to her of having only 2 services instead of 3, which they previously offered at their old location to accommodate their audience. The Brook Columbia will surely continue to grow, and God will provide the resources for Pastor and First Lady to continue to serve his people.

Overall I enjoyed my first visit at The Brook Columbia, and look forward to attending next Sunday. Lastly I want to share some important points I took away from Pastor Simeon’s Message.

“This Changes Everything” Matthew 16:13-19.

  • Church is a place to receive healing.
  • There are certain things you CAN’T get until you are in the RIGHT place.
  • When you ask the question, “Why am I in this place in my life?” It’s because you can’t get or understand the lesson until you are in the right place at the right time and ready to receive it in God’s time, not your time.
  • People do not love you for who you are, but the gift that you are to them or can provide for their benefit.
  • Be hungry for the word, not the personality!
  • Wherever you go, look for opportunities to serve as opposed to receiving.
  • The Wisdom Tooth Analogy applied to life situations: Wisdom teeth show up late and mess up everything.



First Week of Esthetics School

Saluations! I know, I know it’s been awhile, but your girl has been hustling! A lot has happened since we last chatted. Let me get you updated!Bow Ties & Heels was a huge success this year. The amount of attendees was out this world. Each year it gets bigger and better and I learn from each experience. I am currently already working on planning for next year. You know I can’t disappoint you guys and I darn sure don’t want to disappoint myself.

Over in other news I have been busy with clients and have enrolled in the Esthetics Program at Kenneth Shuler Schools of Cosmetology. I am sooo excited about it and have completed my first week. So with that being said I will be doing weekly vlogs of my school experience. Click the link below to check out the vlog and let me know what you think. In the mean time if you need a facial, waxing, lashes or anything skin care and beauty related don’t hesistate to contact me, as your Future Esthetician! O yes, I like the way that sounds.

Check out how my first week of school went here First Week of School Vlog


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Diamonds From The Rough Book Launch

“Sunshyne, Sunshyne! Can we get a picture together? You look Gorgeous, Congratulations Hun.” There were endless shoutouts from attendees at the Diamonds From The Rough Official Book Launch this past week. Everyone wanted to get the attention from the lady of the evening, Tricia Pollard aka Sunshyne! Women were dressed to the nines and men looked dapper in their suits and ties. The bass from the speakers boomed with old school hits and the lights from the chandelier shined just right, accenting jewelry pieces worn by many who stepped out in their best to enjoy an evening at Empire Supper Club. Tonight was going to be a night to remember.

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Let’s give a round of applause to Tricia Pollard on the launch of her book,  Diamonds From The Rough, an anthology of women sharing their stories about reclaiming their lives. If you have never went through a hard time or unsure if you have, then Arischa Conner Frierson was their to ignitie some emotion from you when she delieverd her powerful monologue. Upon my arrival I spotted an empty seat by the bar next to a very familiar face. Although she had a hat and shades to mask her appearance along with layers of clothing, I knew who she was. When I approached and greeted her she said “O you knew it was me huh, I’m in character for my monologue.” In character she was, delievering a powerful monolgue about her struggles in life and how she reclaimed it. By the end of her performance, the layers of clothing were shed allowing you to see that she was free to be herself and no longer needed to hide!

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Meanwhile, host Tony Clyburn welcomed Tricia’s guest and made sure her admirers got a chance to talk with her, take pictures and of course sign a copy of their purchased book. Although attendees were there to celebrate her book many anticipated her performance as an artist in which we all came to know and love her for… that Sultry voice! She also wears many HATS and is the President and Founder of Distinguished Diamonds. Distinguished Diamonds is a non profit organization dedicated to providing direction, assistance and networking opportunities to women, young adults, teens, preteens, and children who have experienced tragic life-changing events. To help achieve this mission, proceeds from the event and sales of the book will go towards the non profit organization.

Flashes from cameras were continuous as people took selfies, group shots and one on one shots with Sunshyne. Attendees shopped vendors upstairs and swarmed the bar to try the many tapas menu items and drinks. Everyone mingled and rocked to the vibes from the entertaiment team and Live performers. The Night was epic and no one was concerned about rushing to get home to prepare for work the next morning! As far as they were concerned their weekend had already begun!

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In a nutshell, the event was a HIT! I truly enjoyed myself and Tricia’s team along with coordinator Tina Torres of SHE DID THAT, did an amazing job with the Book Launch. To learn more about Tricia Pollard and to purchase a copy of her book click the links below.

Until the next Xperience…

Meet Sunshyne Pollard

Meet Artist Sunshyne P

Non Profit Distinguished Diamonds

Purchase Diamonds From The Rough


5 Must Have Cosmetics for Travel

Bees are buzzing and pollen is thick in the air! These are signs of Spring & Summer which is fast approaching. This also means it’s time for travel and enjoying the sun! I recently traveled back home to NJ for a couple of days and struggled with what cosmetics I should pack to give me a beautiful face with ease and able to complete in a matter of five to eight minutes. After all I was on vacation, so there was no need to spend my time primping and over obsessing with eye shadow, foundation and concealer.So, I told myself I only needed to take the basics, which led me to my 5 Must Have Cosmetics for Travel.

Aside from my basic 2 step skin care routine which consist of a cleanser and moisturizer I managed to fit all my makeup goodies in one cosmetics bag… YUP I said it, ONE!

Let’s Prep with SKINCARE! Your makeup is only as good as the skin underneath it!


Treat your skin, by incorporating a basic 2 step skin care program into your routine. Choose a cleanser and moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type (normal to dry, combination/oily).

1. FOUNDATION: Achieve a flawless base  to build your makeup look with the use of the correct foundation shade!

  • To create a flawless face choose a foundation shade that matches your skin perfectly by testing the shade on the jawline. If the shade disappears blending into the skin seamlessly, you have found your perfect match!

2.CONCEALER:Take your beauty to the next level with the use of a concealer.

  •  Use concealer to color correct, brighten and cover blemishes & under eye circles.

3. BLUSH: Define your “Eye Popping Beauty” with a blush of your choice.

  • Add a pop of color to your look by applying blush on the apples of your cheeks. Be adventurous and try some spring colors such as corals, peach and pinks. Blush brightens up the face and gives you some vibrancy.

4.MASCARA: Hello Lashes! Using a mascara defines your lashes and can also give a liner affect when smudging on bottom lashes.

  • Choose a mascara of your choice to separate lashes while given your lashes volume and length to open your eyes and draw people in.

5.LIPSTICK/LIP GLOSS: Seal the deal with your favorite lippie. No eyeshadow today so choose a lip color that makes a statement and completes your look.

  • Moisturize your lips first with your favorite lip balm to hydrate your lips, then apply your lip choice.





Woman to Woman Brunch

When a group of women get together, who possess Passion and Determined to prosper in their God given talents, AMAZING things happen in a BIG way! This AMAZING thing I’m referring to is the Woman to Woman Entrepreneurs Association Brunch that took place this past Saturday at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. Where do I begin? Lets start with the woman behind Woman To Woman Entrepreneurs Association, Ms. Tamara Canzater. Ms. Canzater is the founder of Woman To Woman Entrepreneurs Association(WTWA), a non-profit association of women in business working  to enhance women and their businesses. Ms. Canzater established WTWA to be used as a forum and place where female entrepreneurs and business owners can come and be inspired, encouraged, supported and empowered. Her vision was exucuted well with a sold out brunch filled with like minded women who were in attendance to be Inspired, Encouraged, Supported & Empowered!

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The brunch kicked off with a host of female entrepreneurs showcasing their talents as vendors to promote their business and offer their services to women. Among the vendors were Author Lakeyshuh Carolina, Chantrese Goodwine of Tuck-N-Go, Regina Shell of Sewing Is An Art and myself with Faces By Etosh. We later transitioned into the dining area of Ruth Chris which was elegantly prepared with place settings for the attendees. The ladies were able to choose from the menu with food options ranging from salads to burgers. Women chatted among each other, shared their stories, exchanged information and even shared an opportunity to finally connect with women who they were Facebook friends with, but never formally met in person. Talk about Networking with a PURPOSE! Speaking of PURPOSE, let me tell you about the POWERFUL speaker who delivered an awesome message of encouragement during brunch.

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Deanna Bookert of The Bookert Agency graced us with her presence and shared her story filled with both good and bad times that have become life lessons and the building blocks of her success, not only as of today but overtime in the future. A woman of many HATS, Deanna expressed her role as a “Midwife” to many women. Like a midwife, a person trained to assist women in childbirth, Deanna has helped women and men to birth their visions and business aspirations through the use of her consulting and business services like The Board Room. Despite some of  her past and recent struggles she expressed how important it is for her to rely on her faith in God and listen to what he has led her to do. Her faith, is what confirms that She Has The Power! That Power was the ability to Believe, Empower, Overcome, Inspire and Purposefully Transcend any obstacles that come her way. Somebody say “I GOT THE POWER”!


Overall the brunch was Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! There was an array of Who’s Who In Columbia in attendance such as Michelle D. Johnson GarrettSherika V. WashingtonTina TorresDenise BradleyKiwan FitchOtiti Uwagbai-WrightSerwah Armah-KorantengLeslie Rhodes ,Samica Snipes and many more. If you weren’t in attendance you missed out, but you’re in luck beacuse you can check out the next brunch. Follow WTWA to stay updated with events. 

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Alright ladies, I’m headed to wear another one of my many HATS. Until the next Xperience…


Girl Boss Event & Tuck N Go

Last weekend I had the pleasure of being among some great Girl Bosses! As Faces By Etosh, I participated as a vendor at the Girl Boss: Building Opportunities for Self Success event and provided “Eye Popping Beauty” services to the attendees. The event was hosted by two creative Girl Bosses Chantrese Goodwine of Natural Tuck-N-Go and Runita Danielle of The Flower Boutique. As a team the ladies created a platform for female entreprenuers to showcase their business, network with other #Bosses and form new business relationships through future collaborations. Can you say #GirlPower!


Upon my arrival I was greeted with amazing décor that set the stage for the runway show. Runita decorated the boutique beautifully with black and white and accented the chairs with pops of yellow. The attendees enjoyed shopping with vendors, delicious refreshments and a mini fashion show that highlighted  the Natural Tuck-N-Go’s new natural hair extensions. As a natural herself, Chantrese understands the importance of achieving “instant glam” styles that natural girls can create while going through the natural hair growth process. The Natural Tuck-N-Go is a hair extension that can be worn by day to add color without adding chemicals and provides volume to your growing TWA. The hair extension is an easy and convenient solution to funk up your style and is detachable, allowing the extension to last longer and hold its style.

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Let’s talk about the #GirlBoss entreprenuers who were in attendance and their business. There were many #Bosses who showcased as vendors as well as supporters of Tuck-N-Go. Make sure you check them out and support!


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Ebook Collab and Latest Read

GUESS WHAATTTT???? I had the opportunity to be a Co-Contributor of After Why Comes How, a collaborative ebook outlining Actionable Steps to Reach Your Next Level. This awesome collaboration was produced by  Michelle D. Johnson Garrett of Divas With A Purpose. In this ebook, myself along with 9 other AMAZING women had the pleasure of co-writing this book which gives you an outlook of “Why” we started working in our respective  businesses and “How” we are managing our business on a daily basis. In the book I share with you how I became a makeup artist and owner of  Faces By Etosh and the SMART GOALS I set for my business to grow. I also discuss my love of event planning and my annual signature event, Bow Ties & Heels Cocktail Affair. As an entreprenuer it’s imperative to follow through with your vision and track its progress through actionable steps. Let me stop with all the deets and let you check it out for yourself. Get your copy here and let me know what you think!12662719_10103743127609187_6556477888230168391_nIn other news, let talk about my latest read. So I have decided that I need to watch LESS reality tv and read MORE books about business and entreprenuership! I also looked into podcast but haven’t tackeled that yet. Shoot it took me a month to read my latest book, not because it wasn’t a good read or a lengthy book, but simply because a sister didn’t have time to get back to the simple pleasure of reading. Now that’s a shame! So without further ado, I present to you my latest read, Girl, Just Quit! by Brandy Butler.

unnamedI was introduced to this book by a good friend who graciously allowed me to read her copy and I must say this was a great read that helped me get my reading mojo back. Brandy Butler gives a personal account of “Why” she started her business by providing valuable resources and tools to help grow your business long term.  Sometimes you come to a point when you want to quit and pursue your own goals.For myself, often times when I’m at work, I’m daydreaming and working on my own business. Realistically you work all day at your jobs and sometimes a second one to compensate for the additional income needed to provide for yourself and your family. By the end of the day you are worn out and just want to relax resulting in you short changing yourself and your goals. Brandy Butler, stressed that she didn’t quit abruptly, she put a plan into play and used her job as a resource to produce the income needed to pursue her business goal. One of the things I enjoyed most about this book aside from the valuable business tips, were the quotes mentioned at the beginning of each chapter. Below I listed my favorite three.


If you are looking for a new read to exercise your entreprenuerial mindset check out Girl, Just Quit!

Join me as I check out other avenues to grow my business and tune into the #Divapreneur herself Michelle D. Johnson Garrett of Divas With A Purpose,  on her T-Shirt webinar about setting up a t-shirt home-based business. Register HERE

AfricStyle Fashion Show

OMG! First off let me say I had an AMAZING time at this year’s AfricStyle Fashion Show presented by  AfricStyle Initiatives Vissionaire Serwah Armah-Koranteng and her amazing team which consist of her two sisters, Ama Williams Armah-koranteng and Love-Barbie Adwoa Gyameya. AfricStyle Initiatives founded in 2014 aims to educate, empower and promote African culture in its entirety from food, fashion, entertainment and health and wellness. I had the pleasure of wearing one of my many HATS and worked as a makeup artist on the Beauty Team coordinated by Tara Canty, who made sure hair and makeup ran smoothly for the models along with wardrobe coordinator Leslie Rhodes of LesAnn’s Creations. Among others who helped with this year’s production was Michelle R. Cannon-Finch, Tshomba Johnson,  Erika Princess Reinhard, Yolanda McCray and Laraine Fluker.


The day kicked off with a huge health expo bringing about awareness to diabetes, hypertension and prostate cancer, followed by the Fashion Show! O my the event was exciting from beginning to end and was hosted by fellow friend and Divapreneur Michelle D. Johnson Garrett of Divas With A Purpose and Paapa Winter who traveled from Canada and calls himself Mr. Sexy! There was an abundance of entertainment from live drumming and African dance, children dance performances, a live DJ and of course the runway show. The fashions showcased were out of this world and true, unique African inspired creations. Myself along with other makeup artist enjoyed creating beautiful looks to complement the fashions showcased. Among the designers were Teresa Diggs of TC Ties and More/Tc Royal Garments, Donellia Chives of Donellia Xtraordinary Chives and Curtis Onyango Heru.

PicMonkey Collage (1)

AfricStyle packed the venue with sponsors, vendors, attendees and VIPs who enjoyed a special African cuisine, giveaways and swag bags. Among the many attendees was Tina FamilyFirst TorresTamara Canzater and Tameka Walker, our very own Who’s Who in Columbia. Some of the models, who graced the runway were La’Shawn RembertFelicia SniderTasha ModelJon’rea and  Angie Boyd, to name a few.

PicMonkey Collage (2)

Overall AfricStyle Fashion was a SLAM DUNK and I look forward to attending next year. Who knows, I may wear a different HAT and appear on the runway as a model. One could only dream! Be sure to check out AfricStyle Initiatives and their upcoming events. On to the next Xperience folks…




An Evening at WOW Productions


Last weekend I wore one of my many HATS, as a House of Harley co-host and attended Wow Productions’ Grand Re-Opening Community Celebration. I was excited to attend and capture the moments of the event as well as to support a fellow Fastrac Entreprenuer Graduate and her business. Wow Productions offers theatrical productions about present day situations and circumstances that WOWS you with an experience that will not only transform your life while embracing change, but also encourages you to laugh, dance and cry. CEO, National Award Winning Playwright, Producer and Director Tangie Brickhouse Beauty along with National Award Winning Playwright, COO, Producer and Director Donna L. Johnson are the force behind WOW Productions and their well known plays such as Confessions of a Good Man and If You Only Knew. Wow Productions doesn’t just stop with these two ladies. Meet the ladies of One7evenOne Productions, Joesetra Robinson and Tamara Finkbeiner. Together these ladies are a full service production company with services ranging from video and graphic design to event and production management.

Upon my arrival the parking lot was full of attendees who came to support their local communtiy theatre. The venue was wonderfully decorated with Wow’s signature colors of blue and white. The refreshments sponsored by Lita’s Treats & A Southern Thang were De-Li-Cious! O my, the banana pudding along with the punch was one of my many highlights of the evening. If you didn’t know, let me tell you… I Love Food! There also were stations set up for you to visit to learn more about Wow Productions and their upcoming events, facility rental, cast member sign up and auditions along with how you, as the community could help and be apart of Wow Productions and their success.


Among the attendees were Germaine Middleton-Rasberry and her husband Kevin A. Rasberry of Garden City Preparatory Academy for Boys, located in Orangeburg, SC. I also spotted DIVA, Michelle D. Johnson-Garrett of Divas With A Purpose along with her husband. There were many guest in attendance along with cast members old, current and new who came out to support and share their experiences about productions they had attended. Upon my surprise I spotted Radio and TV personality Vonyetta, who I learned was once a cast member with Wow Productions.


The entertainment for the evening was packed with soulful siging from various performers. First up was actress, singer and director Arishcer Conner Frierson who graced the stage with her lovely personality and amazing voice. Follwed by her was K’la Reese Baker who sang Jill Scott’s song Golden, while delivering great stage presence. Cory Devon Cuffee closed out the show and serenaded the ladies while singing John Legend’s All of Me!


Overal, the Grand Re-Opening was a HIT! CEO Tangie Beaty announced that Wow Productions will be embarking on their first Southeastern tour. Woo Hoo! Make sure to stay updated with Wow Productions and their tour dates and most importantly support your local theatre and their productions. If you are looking for a unique outing for Valentine’s Day weekend check out Wow’s Dinner Improv Theatre, He Said, She Said.

Catch you next go round for another Experience out and about in Columbia and the surrounding areas.