Ebook Collab and Latest Read

GUESS WHAATTTT???? I had the opportunity to be a Co-Contributor of After Why Comes How, a collaborative ebook outlining Actionable Steps to Reach Your Next Level. This awesome collaboration was produced by  Michelle D. Johnson Garrett of Divas With A Purpose. In this ebook, myself along with 9 other AMAZING women had the pleasure of co-writing this book which gives you an outlook of “Why” we started working in our respective  businesses and “How” we are managing our business on a daily basis. In the book I share with you how I became a makeup artist and owner of  Faces By Etosh and the SMART GOALS I set for my business to grow. I also discuss my love of event planning and my annual signature event, Bow Ties & Heels Cocktail Affair. As an entreprenuer it’s imperative to follow through with your vision and track its progress through actionable steps. Let me stop with all the deets and let you check it out for yourself. Get your copy here and let me know what you think!12662719_10103743127609187_6556477888230168391_nIn other news, let talk about my latest read. So I have decided that I need to watch LESS reality tv and read MORE books about business and entreprenuership! I also looked into podcast but haven’t tackeled that yet. Shoot it took me a month to read my latest book, not because it wasn’t a good read or a lengthy book, but simply because a sister didn’t have time to get back to the simple pleasure of reading. Now that’s a shame! So without further ado, I present to you my latest read, Girl, Just Quit! by Brandy Butler.

unnamedI was introduced to this book by a good friend who graciously allowed me to read her copy and I must say this was a great read that helped me get my reading mojo back. Brandy Butler gives a personal account of “Why” she started her business by providing valuable resources and tools to help grow your business long term.  Sometimes you come to a point when you want to quit and pursue your own goals.For myself, often times when I’m at work, I’m daydreaming and working on my own business. Realistically you work all day at your jobs and sometimes a second one to compensate for the additional income needed to provide for yourself and your family. By the end of the day you are worn out and just want to relax resulting in you short changing yourself and your goals. Brandy Butler, stressed that she didn’t quit abruptly, she put a plan into play and used her job as a resource to produce the income needed to pursue her business goal. One of the things I enjoyed most about this book aside from the valuable business tips, were the quotes mentioned at the beginning of each chapter. Below I listed my favorite three.


If you are looking for a new read to exercise your entreprenuerial mindset check out Girl, Just Quit!

Join me as I check out other avenues to grow my business and tune into the #Divapreneur herself Michelle D. Johnson Garrett of Divas With A Purpose,  on her T-Shirt webinar about setting up a t-shirt home-based business. Register HERE


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